The First Balkan War, Part-1 Introduction

The Balkans, or the Balkan Peninsula, is a geographic zone in Southeastern and Eastern Europe with different and debated borders. The district takes its name from the Balkan Mountains that extend from the Serbian-Bulgarian outskirt to the Black Sea.

The Balkan Peninsula is bordered by the Adriatic Sea on the northwest, the Ionian Sea on the southwest, the Aegean Sea in the south and southeast, and the Black Sea on the east and upper east. The northern outskirt of the peninsula is differently characterized. The highest peak of the Balkans is Mount Musala 2,925 meters (9,596 ft) in the Rila mountain go.

“Balkan” originates from Ottoman Turkish balkan ‘a chain of wooded mountains”, related words are likewise found in other Turkic languages. The starting point of the Turkic word is dark; it might be identified with Persian bālk signifying “mud”, and the Turkish postfix an, i.e., swampy forest or Persian balā-khāna ‘enormous high house’.

Currently at least 13 nations within and partially within the Balkans are. The entirely state within the Balkans:

1. Albania: 28,750 km2 (100% of total land)

2. Bulgaria:  110,800 km2 (100% of total land)

3. Bosnia and Herzegovina: 51,180 km2 (100% of total land)

4. Kosovo:  10,908 km2 (100% of total land)

5. Macedonia:  25,710 km2 (100% of total land)

6. Montenegro: 13,810 km2 (100% of total land)

Mostly or partially within the Balkans:

      1. 1. Croatia


      1. southern mainland

): 30,000 km2 (54%)

2. Greece (mainland): 104,470 km(80%)

3. Italy (Trieste and Monfalcone): 300 km2 (0.1%)

4. Romania (mainland Dobruja): 12,000 km2 (5%)

5. Serbia (southern part excluding Vojvodina, northern Belgrade and Kosovo): 54,000 km2 (65%)

6. Slovenia (southwestern part): 5,000 km2 (25%)

7. Turkey (European part): 23,764 km2 (3%)

There are numerous things that make this area so critical throughout world history, for instance, in light of the fact that here is the ascent of Ancient Greek that the results of thought and technological innovation to be a turning point for the improvement of world science. While in the socio-political viewpoint, the Balkan Peninsula is known as a standout amongst the most unstable zones and is subjected to the victory of the external countries because of its vital area. One of the many clashes is the Balkan War, the subject of dialog in this article.

The First Balkan War is a name for armed conflict that occurred on the Balkan Peninsula in 1912-1913. Because of this war, the Ottomans as the antecedent of the Republic of Turkey needed to lose the greater part of its region on the Continent, except for Constantinople and its environment. The Balkan war itself started when the Balkan nations that included Bulgaria, Serbia, Greece, and Montenegro built up cooperations so as to overcome Rumelia, the Balkan area under the control of the Ottoman Empire. At the point when the Ottomans were crushed, the nations were in truth in struggle with each other on account of contrasts in division of the territory of the conquest.

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