Peace at Home Council, The Mystery Council Behind the 2016 Turkish Coup Attempt

To understand peace at home council, we must first understand where the word Peace at home comes from. Peace at home itself, or in Turkish means “Yurtta Sulh Konseyi” comes from the famous speech Turkey leader, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk on April 20, 1931 during his journey in Anatolia. His remarks are “Cumhuriyet Halk Fırkası’nın müstakar umumî siyasetini şu kısa cümle açıkça ifadeye kâfidir zannederim: Yurtta sulh, cihanda sulh için çalışıyoruz.” This is a translated into English as “To describe the stable and general diplomatic policy of the Republican People’s Party, I think this short sentence is enough: We work for peace at home, peace in the world. “

Mustafa Kemal Ataturk and His Wife

The remarks later became Turkey’s foreign policy. For them, this is a fundamental principle and basis for the domestic and foreign policy of the Turkish Republic.

In an attempted coup in Turkey recently, Tijen Karas, an announcer in TRT, a state-owned broadcaster, allegedly at gunpoint,rebels announced that the Peace at Home Council was responsible for a coup attempt against the Turkish government and president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Here’s the full statement:

“It is the wish and order of the Turkish Armed Forces for this statement to be broadcast on all channels of the Turkish Republic. The valuable citizens of the Turkish Republic have systematically been subject to constitutional and legal infringements threatening the basic characteristics and vital institutions of the state, while all state institutions including the Turkish Armed Forces have undergone attempts to be redesigned based on ideological motives, rendering them unfit for purpose. Fundamental rights and freedoms as well as the secular democratic legal structure based on the separation of powers have been abolished by the heedless, misguided and even treacherous president and government officials. Our state has lost its rightful international reputation and has become a country governed by an autocracy based on fear and where fundamental human rights are overlooked. The wrong decisions taken by the political elite have resulted in the failure to combat growing terrorism, which has claimed the lives of several innocent citizens and security forces who have been fighting against terror. The corruption and pilferage within the bureaucracy have reached serious levels, while the judicial system throughout the country has become unfit for purpose. In these circumstances, the Turkish Armed Forces, that founded and has guarded to this day the Turkish Republic under extraordinary sacrifices, established under the leadership of the Great Atatürk, has in order to continue the country’s indivisible unity in the wake of the Peace at Home, Peace in the World ideal, to safeguard the survival of the nation and the state, to eliminate the threats our Republic’s victories face, to eliminate the de facto obstructions to our justice system, to stop corruption that has become a national security threat, to allow efficient operations against all forms of terrorism, to bring forward fundamental and universal human rights to all our citizens regardless of race or ethnicity and to re-establish the constitutionally enshrined values of a secular democratic social and legal state, to regain our nation’s lost international reputation and to establish stronger relations and co-operate for international peace, stability and serenity, taken over administration.

The governance of the State will be undertaken by the established Peace at Home Council. The Peace at Home Council has taken every action to ensure that it fulfils the obligations set by all international institutions, including the United Nations and NATO. The government, which has lost all its legitimacy, has been dismissed from office.”

military blockade during 2016 coup attempt in Turkey

Nevertheless, until now whoever resides in the Council is still a mystery, there is no official statement from the government regarding the board or councillor of this Council According to the state-run Anadolu News Agency, subsequent investigations and allegations pointed to the leader being former Colonel Muharrem Köse, who had been dismissed earlier in 2016 from his role as legal advisor to the Chief of Staff due to his apparent links with Fethullah Gülen.

In the end, this Peace at Home council failed in the coup, mass arrests were later made, targeting over two thousand soldiers including senior officers and generals. Speculation that former Turkish Air Force Commander Akın Öztürk had been in charge of the military operation.

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