Lyudmila Pavlichenko, Deadliest Female Sniper Part-1 Early Life

Lyudmila Pavlichenko, was born in Bila Tserkva (Russian empire) on July 12, 1916, her born name was Lyudmila Mykhailovna Pavlichenko. When she was fourteen, her family took her to Kiev, where she joined a  OSOAVIAKhIM (ОСОАВИАХИМ, Союз обществ содействия обороне и авиационно-химическому строительству СССР, Union of Societies of Assistance to Defence and Aviation-Chemical Construction of the USSR) shooting club. The goal of the society was preparation of reserves for armed forces and soon became a powerful militarised organization with its own airfields, radio clubs, parachuting towers and firing ranges. There she learned and developed into an amateur sharpshooter, while working as a grinder at the Kiev Arsenal factory, one of the oldest and most famous factories in Kiev. She was woman of many talents, at least she mastered skydiving, flying small planes, sprinting, and pole vaulting. In 1937, she completed a master’s degree in history at Kiev University, focusing on the life of Ukraine national hero, Bohdan Khmelnytsky.

Lyudmila Pavlichenko

She was only 25 years old when on June 1941, the Nazis bombed Russia, more specifically her adored Kiev University as one from many targeted areas, she raises herself and started her own way to take part against the Nazi. She applied herself as a sniper, even though the process was not easy as she expected. The recruitment officer laughed at her and suggested her to work at a factory or as a nurse in a hospital. She did not give up, made herself prepared to show the recruiter all her high-level civilian sharpshooter award from USSR. She hired under 25th Infantry Division (Red Army‘s 25th Rifle Division) became the first among 2000 Russian women sniper, and when the war over only last around 500, including herself.

After joined the army, she started rush training and soon sent to the front. The job did not go very well, she knew her task was to shoot human beings and completely different between theory and the reality of the field war. Finally, she changed after her colleague killed during the battle and become very good as a sniper.

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