US Invasion to Panama. Part 2-Operation Just Cause

There are 5 destinations from the United States when attacking Panama: protecting the lives of US citizens and key facilities in Panama, capturing Noriega for trial, paralyzing the forces of Panama’s national army and its command branches, supporting the establishment of a pro-US government in Panama, re-structure of the Panama army. The US offensive to Panama itself was originally given the code name “Operation Blue Spoon” (Operation Blue Spoon), but its name was later changed in the final moments by the US president & Pentagon headquarters to “Operation Just Cause”. Continue reading “US Invasion to Panama. Part 2-Operation Just Cause”

US Invasion to Panama. Part 1-Background

Panama, It is the name of a small country in Central America bordering Costa Rica to the west & Colombia to the east. Although only small in size, Panama is very famous in the world because of the canal (channel) that connects the Atlantic Ocean with the Pacific Ocean in the country. Although on one side of the channel helped boost the economy & popularity of Panama, on the other side of the canal also made the country had fallen into various turbulences.

Of the many upheavals that occurred as a result of the dispute over the Panama Canal, one of the most famous was when Panama was attacked by US forces in 1989 – 1990. The raid has also been touted as the largest deployment of US troops to other countries since the War Vietnam that ended in 1975. As a result of the military attack, thousands of Panamanians had lost their lives and the country also had a free fall into the social crisis for several years afterward. Continue reading “US Invasion to Panama. Part 1-Background”

The Assassination of Malcolm X

The late Malcolm X (1925-1965) was an African-American Muslim priest and human rights lobbyist. To his admirers he was a brave promoter for the privileges of blacks, a man who arraigned white America in the harshest terms for its wrongdoings against dark Americans; spoilers blamed him for lecturing prejudice and brutality. He has been called one of the best and most powerful African Americans ever. Continue reading “The Assassination of Malcolm X”