Boko Haram. Part 2-Terror Activity

Although it has been established since 2002, Boko Haram just committed armed violence in 2009. In that year, members of Boko Haram armed with firearms & poisoned arrows attacked police stations & government buildings in Maiduguri, Borno state, Northeastern Nigeria. The Nigerian apparatus responded to the attack by attacking Boko Haram’s headquarters, which led to the death of Mohammed Yusuf. After the death of Joseph, the Nigerian government announced that Boko Haram was gone, but time proved that it was just the beginning. Continue reading “Boko Haram. Part 2-Terror Activity”

Boko Haram. Part 1-Background

Nigeria is one of the most prosperous West African countries thanks to its abundant oil reserves. However, the country also has an extremely unstable internal condition as a result of the widening social gap & the diverse ethnicities and believers inhabiting Nigeria. In terms of religion for example, Nigeria can be divided into 2 zones: the northern zone of which the majority of Muslims & southern zones are predominantly Christian and animist. While in terms of prosperity & infrastructure development, the southern region is more developed than the northern region. Continue reading “Boko Haram. Part 1-Background”